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  Does Food Aggravate Acne?

  Part 4: Food That Can be Consumed in Acne

In part 1,2 & 3 of this article we have seen some pretty persuasive evidences that point towards  a certain relationship between acne and food and also certain food to be avoided in acne. This brings us to the next question: which are the food items that can be consumed in acne without fear of aggravating it?

Food that can be consumed in Acne

For skin health, food rich in Essential Fatty Acids should be consumed often as it helps dilute sebum and decreases chances of clogged pores on the skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in wheat germ , evening primrose oil, soybean oil and fish oils. Although tuna, salmon, sardines etc  are also EFA rich, they contain high amounts of iodine which is not good for acne. Fresh water fish is a good alternative.

Increase intake of fresh vegetables, preferably organic. Eat a wide variety each day. Have 3-4 helpings of fresh vegetables and low sweet fruits every day.

Take lean meat like chicken, preferably grilled. Always include lots of fresh green salad  when you eat any type of meat. This will neutralize the negative effects of the hormones and iodides contained therein.

Eat wholegrain bread, pasta and legumes which have a low glycemic index and do not aggravate acne.

Increase water consumption Drink 2-3 glasses of  cold water immediately after you wake up and brush your teeth in the morning. This will improve blood circulation to vital organs and also help in bowel motions. Drink 10-15 glasses of water per day, double the amount in hot weather. Plenty of fresh water intake not only will help you to maintain the health of your body and skin it will also  improve your brain and other vital organsí functions.

Finally, eat everything in moderate amounts only.

An Action Plan for Acne Sufferers before seeing a Dermatologist

If you are suffering from recurrent acne that comes back despite treatment and is dotted by flare-ups and remissions, you can help your dermatologist to manage your acne much better by following these steps:

1.      Keep a food Diary: For a full month or two, write down all the food and the contents of food that consume on a daily basis. If you notice any flare ups, mark these days in red. If you find improvement, mark with green.

2.      Make a note of all medications consumed and applied with ingredients

3.      Also note the make up used and the ingredients. Face wash? How many times?

4.      Write down a small note  on  your emotional status during these days. Put a red mark on high stress days when everything went wrong and you lost your temper! When you had a peaceful, calm and quiet day, mark the stress column in green.

5.      If you are a female, write down if you noticed any flare ups before, during or after your menstrual periods.


Home > Selected Expert Articles > Acne > Food That Can be Consumed in Acne


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